Journey of a Dancer

CHF 32.00
von Bernhard Wosien

221 Seiten, ISBN 978-0-9934358-2-9

The theme of this book is dance as a path to wholeness. Bernhard Wosien, artist in the widest sense – dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, adept with paint and pencil – shares his very personal experiences and describes the way dance developed:

«From the myths and symbols of antiquity to classical ballet, to court dances and European folk dance.»

In dance as the original, the most ancient of the arts, Bernhard Wosien experienced body, mind and spirit in harmony. In the circular form of folk dances he recognized the symbols of a religious language of movement. These became the basis of the dances he created as a medium of spiritual experience: Sacred Dance, or Dance Meditation, spread by generations of his students and carried on by many who are enthralled by dance, is now established in many countries.

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