Still Point And Moving World

CHF 20.00

Soft cover, 130 pages, ISBN 978-0-9575220-5-3

This book contains a collection of articles originally published in German illustrating how Movement as Prayer is based on signs as symbols – being the oldest «language» transmitted to us by our ancestors. Sacred Dance – Meditation in Movement seeks to create unity of mind, body and soul whereby the spirit may lend wings to the body to guide the soul in its dialogue with God.

In Round Dances, as traditional models that reflect how the universe works, every position in the circle can be a turning point: here and now, with every step, the birth of a new awareness is possible. Put to music and movement these symbols in movement have the power to dissolve all that has burdened the soul over time.

With articles on the subject of:
Living a spiritual life – In Harmony – Divine Dance – Archetypes of Transformation – The Sacred Origin of Dance – Prayer in Flesh and Blood – Man in Ritual of Dance – Healing through Dance. Interviews with the Author – CV and List of Publications. With many coloured images illustrating the text.

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